Chief makers: chiefmachers – Executive Search Recruitment in Amsterdam

We are chiefmachers. Not chiefmakers or chief makers. We are Amsterdam-based executive search experts supported by more than 40 years’ experience. We understand that tech is shaping the future and we believe that we can play a part in the development and growth of young businesses in this space. As a headhunter we are expert of technology sector recruitment covering Fin Tech and Health Tech to Deep Tech and SaaS (as well as so much more in-between).

Headhunter Amsterdam

We are a headhunter in Amsterdam and have taken our experience and our know-how and applied to a new, digital process. This is fast, it operates in real time and it delivers results. We have a recruitment process which is revolutionary and allows scale-ups to connect with serious talent within just 30 days. The whole process is managed by us and in a fully digital, fully transparent manner so our clients are always in the loop.

Executive Search in Tech

We are specialists in executive search in Tech industries. This means that we understand your business. Moreover, we understand your industry and that we’re connected to people that will be perfectly suited to your needs. We cover executive recruitment in Deep Tech; Fin-Tech; Health Tech; Software as a Service (SaaS); eCommerce Platforms (B2B) and more.

Not chiefmakers or chief makers, but chiefmachers

It occasionally happens that we chiefmachers are confused with chief makers or chiefmakers. We are chiefmachers: an executive search company based in Amsterdam. With our extensive international network, we are the experts in the field of executive search, recruitments and headhunting. Schedule a meeting with us by using the contact page. We are looking forward to it!