Tech Recruitment

We understand that tech is shaping the future. We believe that we can play a part in the development and growth of young businesses in this space. We are expert technology sector recruiters, covering Fin Tech and Health Tech to Deep Tech and SaaS (as well as so much more in-between). Our executive search function is helping businesses just like yours today and we can’t wait to support the next big idea.

We’re fluent in tech

Chiefmachers was born out of our parent company – known as one of the best to operate out of Amsterdam. Our successful background in recruitment has established our team as one of the most respected in the industry.

We are executive search experts. Our chiefs have years of experience and we have developed a process perfectly designed to produce results for executive-level technology recruitment.

We have access to a global network of world-class tech talent. We’re motivated by our ability to connect scale-ups with this talent to help them to take the next step.

Recruiting in tech

Our team is well-versed in the tech industry and we have an established history in this field. Our network extends across borders, enabling access to top talent from around the world. What’s more, our team of chiefs are experts in the technology sector. This means that we don’t only listen to your needs, but we completely understand them. This helps us to find the perfect fit for your business and its objectives.

Executive Search

Our refined method of executive search unlocks a huge network of talent. It is designed to do so in a fully-transparent way. Our digital process is visible to you in real-time and it moves quickly. Our promise is to deliver results in 30 days.

Contact us as an Executive Search firm!

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