Executive Search

We offer a specialised service to search, define and recruit candidates for high level, leadership roles within your business. Our Amsterdam-based team has decades of experience in seeking out highly-qualified individuals for scale-up organisations. We offer tech recruitment and scale-up recruitment for sustainable impact ventures.

Amsterdam’s finest Headhunter

Chiefmachers was born out of our parent company, Maes & Lunau – known as one of the best to operate out of Amsterdam. We have a track-record for executive search and recruitment of high-level, high-quality talent.

We have taken our experience and our know-how and applied to a new, digital process. This is fast, it operates in real time and it delivers results.

We’re passionate about the work that we do in supporting exciting scale-ups who operate in the spaces of tech and sustainability. We love to be a part of the journey impact ventures are on; to make a difference to the world.

Our scope of Executive Search 

We operate from Amsterdam but we do so with a global view. Our network extends across borders, enabling access to top talent from around the world. If your scale-up business is in need of recruitment support in the areas of tech and sustainability then we passionately want to work with you. We are perfectly set-up to help organisations with big ideas that seek to make a difference to the wider world.

Tech & Sustainability

We’re not just passionate about the industries we work within. We are knowledgeable and constantly up-to-date with the moving landscape. You can rely on our team to consider you goals & objectives as well as the implications of the industry. This perspective is invaluable in our search for the perfect solution. 

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