Together, we scale

We match – You achieve. We understand that, today, business moves fast. That’s why we have developed a process that delivers game-changing candidates to future-defining ventures in just 30 days.


Unlocking the true potential of impact ventures

We understand that it is crucial to match you with the right people, at the right time to clear the pathway to successful growth. Our approach is to understand your core business and where you want to be. We work as a part of your team, forming an extension of your business to understand your needs and your goals. This allows us to find the perfect fit. We’re highly incentivized to deliver for our clients, and our promise is to deliver results in 30 days. Our culture, can-do attitude and our focused mindset ensures that we leverage our knowledge effectively to deliver great results.



We work in co-creation with you using a fully-digitized process and a real-time overview, allowing for live insights, full transparency and seamless collaboration. This process is a game-changer and allows you to turn dreams into reality quickly.

tech recruitment


We use a cutting-edge combination of recruitment systems and automation to achieve maximum efficiency. This enables us to deliver candidates from search start to offer within 30 days.

Experience Headhunter


A young firm, leveraging on 40+ years of experience in C-level executive search. We’re connected to an extensive network which ensures we leave no stone unturned in our work. Ranging from corporate to NGO and from public to private, we have a thorough understanding of talent and structure.

How we do it

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Fully digital

Accessed any time, anywhere, any how

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We deliver three top-tier candidates within 30 days

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Working together is an important factor for success

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Real-time progress overview keeping you in the loop, every step of the way

Search roadmap


We create a data-driven dashboard of talent,
culture and engagement, which we monitor carefully.

Day 0 - Groundworks

We help you scope the role, set the search strategy and write a compelling profile.

Day 1 - Kick-off

We discuss 10 candidates that match the position, whereby we deploy our global network if necessary.

Day 7 - Calibration

We provide the tools to help you avoid bias and ensure success in selecting the top three candidates.

Day 21 - Selection

We help with making the preferred candidate an offer they can’t refuse.

Day 30 - Offer

We carefully monitor the process of integration into the team for an extended period of time.

Day 35 - Placement

How we grow start-ups in a sustainable way

We are passionate about supporting innovative, sustainable businesses. The loss of talent, money and energy in the start-up world is something we want to address. We believe that we can strengthen initiatives and speed up progress by applying a system that helps businesses with positive growth. More than this, though, we feel our approach can significantly increase the ratio of success when scaling a start-up towards an established organization and a sustainable business.