Chiefmachers – enabling growth for sustainable scale-ups

We are Amsterdam-based executive search experts with more than 40 years’ experience. We understand that every organisation needs leadership talent with vision and experience. Individuals who inspire trust in the team and create the perfect environment for success. Our recruitment process is revolutionary and allows scale-ups to connect with serious talent within just 30 days. We manage the whole process in a fully digital, fully transparent manner so our clients are always in the loop.

Executive search

We offer a specialised service to search, define and recruit candidates for high level, leadership roles within
your business. Our Amsterdam-based team have decades of experience in seeking out highly-qualified
individuals in the tech and sustainability spaces, with a proven track-record for success with impact ventures.

Finding the right people

Chiefmachers was born out of our parent company, Maes & Lunau. This is a well-established business known
for high-level, high-quality executive search and recruitment. Our group is known throughout many sectors
for delivering brilliant candidates and enabling greater success for the businesses that they join.

We have taken our experience and our know-how and applied to a new, digital process. This is fast, it operates in real time and it delivers results.

We’re passionate about the work that we do in supporting exciting scale-ups who operate in the spaces of tech and sustainability. We love to be a part of the journey impact ventures are on; to make a difference to the world.

Executive recruitment

We are a recruitment team made up from people who really understand your industry. We have been doing this for years and now, with our perfected process, we are able to do so at the right pace, suited to our clients.

We immerse ourselves within your business to fully-understand your needs and deliver a solution that will
really work. If you’re looking for a headhunter that can make an impact to your impact venture, look no

A process designed for success

We operate fast to deliver top-tier candidates in just 30 days. That’s because we know how fast the pace of
business is today and we’ve designed a process to fit within this pace. Our fully-digital process allows you to
check on progress in real time online. This also allows for full transparency, giving you an honest, open
approach with full overview of the process.

We also embody the entrepreneurial spirit by sharing the risk with you thanks to a fee system that is based
on our success. To meet that goal, we form a collaborative partnership with you and your team. This ensures
we are fully-integrated with your business to ensure we can offer candidates perfectly-suited to your needs.

Sustainability is at the focus of our executive search

We are inspired by businesses that act in the interests of sustainability. We work with tech scale-ups that embody these values and we’re motivated to play a part in the story of businesses who are changing the world. Not only does this match our own values as a business but we feel it makes economic sense too. It is with these businesses that the future lies.