Klarna’s Köppen takes up CTO role with Mollie

The technical director of the fintech business is on the move with online payments business Mollie recruiting him
as CTO.

The news was announced by Mollie at the end of May 2022. Köppen has been on the supervisory board since the
summer of 2020 and will now take on an operational role in the fast-growing fintech from Amsterdam.

Before Mollie, Koen spent more than a decade at Klarna, the establishing online shopping services provider. He
held several leadership positions there before becoming CTO more than five years ago. He has turned Klarna into a
company that introduces new products at a rapid pace, and will no doubt be looking to repeat these feats with

At his new employer, the Dutchman will be responsible for the development of the technology platforms. He must
ensure that technological innovation is accelerated for the benefit of existing and future products and services.